The Globe & Mail: Don’t get mired in value trap stocks

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Shirley Won talks to Pender President & PM, David Barr, about avoiding value traps, taking advantage during tax sell-off season, and our investments in Freshii (FRII) and Maxim Power Corp (MXG).

David Barr “also goes into tax-loss-selling season armed with a shopping list of well-researched stocks that he hopes to pick up cheaply when people are ‘selling for irrational reasons.’

‘We try to skew our portfolio to higher quality businesses, and that generally helps to avoid value traps…If the underlying business is growing and creating more cash flow, that in itself acts as a catalyst to move the share price for you,’ said the value-oriented fund manager.”

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Wealth Professional: Why it’s time for a different approach to fixed income

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Wealth Professional talks to Pender PM Geoff Castle about his unique approach to fixed income with dynamic rebalancing and more. 

“The modern struggles associated with Canadian fixed income investments can be summed with one damning conclusion: in the current environment, most investors don’t even expect decent returns from the fixed income portion of their portfolios.

Despite the negativity, opportunities do remain in the fixed income space. However, they may require advisors to rethink their fixed income strategies. ‎Portfolio manager at PenderFund Capital Management Geoff Castle believes that using the traditional ‘bond ladder’ structure has been one factor holding back fixed income portfolios. He thinks that dynamic rebalancing is better suited to the current market.” 

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News Release: Pender Wins Fund Award for 3rd Consecutive Year

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Pender Small Cap Opportunities Fund Honoured At 2017 Lipper Fund Awards

Pender is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a prestigious Thomson Reuters Lipper Fund Award for a third consecutive year.

At the Thomson Reuters Lipper Fund Awards Ceremony held in Toronto on November 8, the Pender Small Cap Opportunities Fund received the 2017 award for Best Canadian Focused Small/Mid Cap Equity Fund over both three and five-year performance periods.

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ADVISOR.CA: Tackling Tough Markets

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Yet the energy sector’s poor performance in 2017 has been a positive for Felix Narhi—much to his surprise. As a portfolio manager at PenderFund Capital Management in Vancouver, he mainly focuses on looking for long-term opportunities and undervalued gems. He typically avoids the oil and resources space due to its volatile and cyclical nature, but found opportunities over the last year. “It’s a cheap sector right now,” says Narhi. 

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