The Globe & Mail: Why portfolio manager David Barr isn’t sitting back amid market gyrations

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David Barr speaks to Brenda Bouw with answers to questions that “would’ve been remarkably different a week-and-a-half ago.”

“We’re taking advantage of the dips in the market to add to positions in our portfolio and to increase our weightings – and using our cash balances to do so. If we see a continuation of this trend, I think we will be doing a lot of buying over the next couple of months.”

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Cantech Letter: Dave Barr shares three top picks for 2018

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“If you were to sum up the media portrayal of the average tech company’s journey, it’d go something like this: two geeks in a garage create the new “thing” that everyone’s gonna want on their phones or in their homes. They relocate to an office, start scaling up and get bought by Google in a matter of weeks. Ta da!”

David Barr talks to Cantech Letter about the realities of investing technology companies, and highlights three examples.

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Financial Post: Finding value in founder-run companies one of this fund manager’s keys to success

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“Stemming from PenderFund’s historical preference for a private equity and venture capital-like approach to investing, the firm’s portfolios are also often dominated by founder-run companies. ‘Obviously there is something going on with the market systematically undervaluing founder-run companies.'” 

Felix Narhi talk to Jonathan Ratner.

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The Globe & Mail: Don’t get mired in value trap stocks

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Shirley Won talks to Pender President & PM, David Barr, about avoiding value traps, taking advantage during tax sell-off season, and our investments in Freshii (FRII) and Maxim Power Corp (MXG).

David Barr “also goes into tax-loss-selling season armed with a shopping list of well-researched stocks that he hopes to pick up cheaply when people are ‘selling for irrational reasons.’

‘We try to skew our portfolio to higher quality businesses, and that generally helps to avoid value traps…If the underlying business is growing and creating more cash flow, that in itself acts as a catalyst to move the share price for you,’ said the value-oriented fund manager.”

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