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What’s the best way to pick good small-cap stocks for my investment portfolio?

As seen in Financial Post: FP Answers on September 29, 2023 Q: After a couple of lucky small cap stock picks, I’m becoming more interested in adding small cap stocks to my portfolio. Small cap […]


Alternative Arbitrage Fund – August 2023

HighlightsThe Fund initiated positions in 20 new or previously announced mergers, while nine merger deals held within the Fund closed during the month. Performance was impacted by a regulatory challenge to a merger deal held by the Fund and the widening of spreads in certain other deals driven …


FundFest Panel: How Investors Can Support Exits

David Dufresne, Partner, CMD Capital chats with Maria Pacella, managing partner of Pender Ventures, Anne Phan, VP, Corporate Development at Wealthsimple, and Brent Holliday, Founder and CEO of Garibaldi Capital Adivsors, about the final phase of the venture cycle.

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