Out here, there are no hospitals.

A hand held, wireless, ultrasound device brings the hospital to the patient in remote regions like this.

Pender uncovers inflection stage technology companies that sell innovation tech and health-tech solutions.

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Just What the Doctor Ordered

Private companies that have a commercialized product generating sales revenue, but may not yet be profitable and therefore still require capital to accelerate growth are, we believe, at an “inflection stage” between early and later stage companies.

One such example is Clarius Mobile Health, a Vancouver, Canada-based medical imaging company that makes handheld ultrasound imaging scanners, capable of connecting with iOS and Android devices. The devices are completely portable, and capable of producing high-resolution ultrasound images from virtually anywhere, sending data instantly to the cloud for analysis at hospitals and other medical institutions. Suddenly the patient no longer has to travel to the hospital. Doctors – including veterinarians – can travel to remote areas and provide care to communities that would not otherwise have access to ultrasound technology.

Ultrasound Anywhere

Maria Pacella sat down with the founder of Clarius Mobile Health, Laurent Pelissier. Laurent has been at the forefront of developing and commercializing cutting-edge ultrasound technology for nearly 20 years.

Laurent and Maria talk about his entrepreneurial journey, what he hoped to achieve when he founded Clarius, the problems the company is trying to solve and the breakthroughs they have made.

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“Clarius has a first-mover advantage in the new, fast growing handheld ultrasound market. Long term there is a strong indication that every doctor will be using these small devices as AI-driven visual stethoscopes. Pender’s approach to investment has been a perfect match with our capital and business development needs, as they understand the significant potential we offer, driven by initial proven success, large market opportunity, and market-driven superior innovation”