Coffee, books, cycling, and of course investing. These are some of the passions we have at Pender.

The company was founded in 2003 to invest in emerging technology companies. From a couple of investing misfits our company has grown. By seeking out and hiring the most qualified, talented and experienced people to fill the roles we advertised we have evolved naturally into a diverse and inclusive workforce.

We have found that being diverse and inclusive simply makes us better. We have more rounded conversations, which lead to smarter decisions, which drive performance for our clients. Not all of us have backgrounds in financial services and this is one of the best ways in which we are diverse – we bring a range of knowledge and experience to every scenario.

  • We are excited to confirm that Pender is a Great Place To Work® – June 2024

    Pender is committed to creating and maintaining a workplace that recognizes and values differences.

Our Mission

To actively manage first quartile, differentiated strategies over the long term for like minded investors.

You’ll find us a very hard working bunch. Here are some of our values :

    • Integrity – doing all things at Pender “the right way” – from investing to hiring and beyond.

    • Team players – we are each other’s biggest fans.

    • Excellence – we are uncompromising in our pursuit of excellence in all we do.

    • Passion – we are diligent and dedicated – this is not just a job for us.

    • Curiosity – we are relentless in our pursuit of knowledge.

    Meet the Team

      We are always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our team.  We do not discriminate on any basis and welcome applications from all qualified individuals. When selecting candidates for employment, promotion, training or any other benefits, it is on the basis of aptitude and ability. Should you require any accommodation or have questions, please let us know.