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    Maria Pacella recently sat down with two of the tech industry’s leading lights to discuss Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data.

Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence,
Machine Learning, Big Data.

Rich Miller is the CEO and MD at Telematica Inc. He has a deep background in Information and Communication Technologies having started out in the early ‘70s working on what became the Internet. He has been involved with many of the distributed computing and networking technologies on which we rely today for the web, collaborative software, cloud computing and, most recently, blockchain and data science.

Toufic Boubez is a serial entrepreneur and another tech industry leader with expertise in disruptive solutions. He is currently VP Engineering at Splunk where he runs the machine learning and incubation teams.

As well as being experts, they are both passionate about the tech industry and its potential. We talked about the history of computing, how we got to where we are today, with some great Silicon Valley stories from Rich. We dug into some key opportunities and challenges in data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, edge computing and more.

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This is an exciting and truly unique opportunity to learn more from two industry leaders who have front row seats to all that is happening in disruptive technology.

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On blockchain, “…here’s an area where…you’ve taken friction out of the whole equation of a transaction, and suddenly you’ve opened up things which you would never have thought of doing before, because it would have been too expensive. One might be able to conceive of jet travel, but quite frankly, we’re still at the prop plane…phase of blockchain.”

Rich Miller