Pender Strategic Growth and Income Fund

The Pender Strategic Growth and Income Fund is a conservatively managed balanced fund. The fixed income asset class of the Fund will be primarily through the Pender Corporate Bond Fund, with weightings generally ranging from 30-60%, and may vary depending on market conditions. The remaining assets will be mainly in equities. Direct equity exposure will be primarily through small to mid-sized Canadian and US companies, with an emphasis on businesses that generate stable or growing cash distributions to shareholders. The Fund provides the only uncapped access to the Pender Small Cap Opportunities Fund, with weightings ranging from 5-10%.

Felix Narhi

Felix Narhi

Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager

Mr. Narhi is the Chief Investment Officer of Pender and the Portfolio Manager of the Pender US All Cap Equity Fund and the Pender Strategic Growth and Income Fund, and Co-Manager of the Pender Value Fund.

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