Pender Partners Fund

The Pender Partners Fund is offered privately under an Offering Memorandum, pursuant to prospectus exemptions. It is an equity fund comprising a portfolio of securities which we believe have the potential for long term capital appreciation, regardless of market cap or geographical constraints. The objective of the Fund is to achieve capital growth over the long-term for unitholders, while being sufficiently diversified to mitigate volatility.

The Fund was formerly the Vertex Managed Value Portfolio.

  • ClassFund Codes DescriptionMER (Capped)Minimum Investment: Initial/[Subsequent]
    APGF 1100Front End2.40%Closed for purchase
    FPGF 1110Fee Based1.40%Closed for purchase
    A1PGF 1102Front End2.40%$25,000 / [$10,000]
    F1PGF 1112Fee Based1.40%$25,000 / [$10,000]
    Asset Class: All Cap Equities
    Inception Date: April, 1998
    Valuation Frequency: Monthly
    Eligibility: AB, BC, MB, NB, NS, NT, ON, PE, SK; Registered Plans
    Distributions: DRIP annually, cash optional

    Portfolio Manager: David Barr, CFA

    Co- Manager: Felix Narhi, CFA

  • The Latest

    The Manager’s Commentary – October 2020

    Fellow Unitholders, Stock markets dipped again in October after a broad sell off in September. The S&P 500 (CAD) index lost 2.6% and the S&P/TSX Composite index was down 3.1%. While markets were in negative territories, both the Pender Value Fund and Pender Small Cap Opportunities Fund generated positive returns during the month with Pender Value Fund up 1.3% and Pender Small Cap Opportunities Fund up 4.7%[1].   Download PDF Portfolio updates We were unusually active in October repositioning our portfolios. We continue to try and allocate more of our capital to well priced growing companies that have tailwinds and are being driven by how the world has changed. At a high level we added seven new names to the Pender Small Cap Opportunities Fund and six new names to the Pender Value Fund. We sold out of four names completely in the Pender Small Cap Opportunities Fund and nine…

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