How To Invest


To place an order, please find Pender’s fund codes below or call 604-630-5444 with additional questions.

Pender Strategic Growth and Income Fund
Class A PGF 600
Class D PGF 660
Class F PGF 610
Pender Small Cap Opportunities Fund
Class A PGF 315
Class F PGF 320
Pender Canadian Opportunities Fund
Class A PGF 700
Class D PGF 760
Class F PGF 710
Pender US All Cap Equity Fund
Class A PGF 800
Class A – USD PGF 801
Class D PGF 860
Class F – USD PGF 811
Class F PGF 810
Class H PGF 840
Class I PGF 850
Pender Corporate Bond Fund
Class A PGF 500
Class A – USD PGF 501
Class D PGF 560
Class F – USD PGF 511
Class F PGF 510
Class H PGF 540
Class I PGF 550
Pender Value Fund
Class A PGF 200
Class D PGF 260
Class F PGF 210
Class H PGF 240
Class I PGF 250
Pender Select Ideas Fund
Class A PGF 400
Class F PGF 410


Pender’s funds are available in all Provinces and Territories across Canada. To purchase units in a Pender fund, contact a registered securities dealer, including financial planners, investment advisors or discount brokerages. Otherwise, contact our office with questions. Call 604-630-5444 or email [email protected].