Liquid Alternative Funds

We view a liquid alternative fund as the best of both worlds, offering differentiated strategies historically seen in a hedge fund, with the convenience of a mutual fund. Through a liquid alternative fund, investors can get the liquidity and transparency of a mutual fund, plus uncorrelated hedge fund strategies, the ability to borrow money cheaply and to hedge risk via short selling and other means. The benefits of both, at a lower fee structure than traditional hedge funds, combine to make for an appealing investment opportunity.

Performance (%) – 2024-05-31Class1 Mo.3 Mo.6 Mo.1 Yr.2 Yr.3 Yr.5 Yr.10 Yr.YTDSince InceptionInception Date
Pender Alternative Absolute Return FundF0.
Pender Alternative Arbitrage FundF0.
Pender Alternative Arbitrage Plus FundF0.
Pender Alternative Multi-Strategy Income FundF0.
Pender Alternative Special Situations FundF-9.93.619.828.011.49.912.830.02020-07-10

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