News Release: Maria Pacella Joins Pender

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PenderFund Capital Management Ltd. (“Pender”), the Manager of the Pender suite of investment and alternative funds, is pleased to announce the appointment of Maria Pacella, CFA, to Pender’s Investment Management Team.

Ms. Pacella joins Pender as Senior Vice President of Private Equity. She has a proven, long-term investment track record after 16 years of experience of investing in emerging growth companies, mostly in the areas of information technology and med-tech. This experience includes operational roles, M&A facilitation and board memberships. She has built an extensive technology network across North America, notably in Silicon Valley and has been a member of C100*. She is an active member and a past President of CFA Society, Vancouver.

Since launching the Pender Small Cap Opportunities Fund in 2009, Pender has had proven success investing in technology companies. We believe technology is going to continue to have an increasing role in business and our day-to-day lives, and will provide a tremendous source of investment opportunities. As only 5% of technology companies ever go public, the addition of Ms. Pacella to the team dramatically expands our opportunity set. Ms. Pacella joins Pender to launch a private equity style Limited Partnership Fund which will target some of the most exciting growth opportunities in the technology sector.

“Dave and I share roots in venture capital and I am very excited to join Pender and the investment management team,” said Ms. Pacella. “Investing in private technology companies is about investing in those rare top performing management teams that can identify an opportunity, develop a solution and execute well. Their dynamic nature means the majority of technology companies will be bought before ever going public. With Pender’s exceptional track record in public technology company investing, I am looking forward to helping extend that to include the incredible opportunity in private technology companies in North America.”

“I have known Maria for over 15 years. We share a unique perspective on investing in technology companies, looking to invest opportunistically in companies that have reached an inflection point,” said Mr. Barr, President & CEO of Pender. “Maria has been one of my key contacts over the years in assessing technology companies, their products, markets, competitors and management teams. I am delighted that she has joined Pender and is now a valuable resource for the entire Pender investment team.”

* An association of “Canadian business leaders based in the San Francisco Bay Area…dedicated to…[helping] the next generation of successful entrepreneurs and innovative companies in Canada” to succeed “on the global stage”.

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