News Release: Pender’s Funds Are Now Available Across Canada

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Pender, the manager of the Pender investment funds, is pleased to announce that its funds are now available for purchase anywhere in Canada*. To date Pender’s funds have only been available for purchase in its home province of British Columbia, as well as Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario. Availability now encompasses every Province and Territory of Canada.

Pender is an independent, employee-owned, value-based investment firm located in Vancouver. We have a suite of niche investment and alternative funds with concentrated portfolios of value-based investments.

Central to our investment process is to gain an understanding of the quality of a business or security and to obtain more value than we are paying for. This shifts our focus to inefficient, unloved parts of the market where we find businesses that are unfollowed, misunderstood and temporarily mispriced by the market. We apply a private equity approach to stock selection with rigorous, bottom-up, fundamental analysis to generate our “best ideas”.

Investors can talk to their investment advisors about purchasing Pender funds for their portfolios, or can access the funds directly through a discount brokerage.

“We have always had a measured approach to growing the company and, like many of the companies we like to invest in, we have hit an inflection point,” said David Barr, President & CEO of Pender. “We have been receiving interest from investment advisors and investors from all parts of Canada who are keen to work with us. As a result, we believe it is time to expand our availability to all investors in Canada.”

Pender’s History in Brief

2003  Pender was established in Vancouver, British Columbia. It began using a value-based investment approach to manage its venture capital fund, the Pender Growth Fund Inc.
2009Pender launched its mutual fund division, with the inception of the Pender Small Cap Opportunities Fund* managed by David Barr and the Pender Corporate Bond Fund.
2010Pender expanded its mutual fund business with the launch of two additional funds, the Pender Canadian Opportunities Fund and the Pender Strategic Growth & Income Fund.
 With the approval of unit holders, Pender restructured Pender Growth Fund Inc and it began trading on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol PTF.
2013Pender launched the Pender US All Cap Equity Fund and the Pender Value Fund.
2014The Pender Select Ideas Fund, an alternative fund, was launched.
2017Pender plans to launch the Pender Technology Inflection LP Fund.
 Pender funds are available to investors in all Provinces and Territories of Canada.

* Pender funds are now available through dealers in all provinces and territories. This excludes Pender alternative funds. The Pender Small Cap Opportunities Fund is presently closed to new purchasers.   

For further information please contact:

Melanie Moore
Director of Marketing
Toll Free: 1-866-377-4743