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Intuitively, people know good value and want to buy items when they’re on sale. This also applies to the stock market. We can examine multiples, but determining true value requires understanding business fundamentals. Buying a […]


The Globe & Mail: Inside the market

Stock to Watch: Richelieu Hardware builds on U.S. housing recovery. Shirley Won “I think people are starting to wake up to the fact that this is a fantastic business with strong management, really great cash-flow […]

“Despite the global financial crisis and persistent black clouds on the world’s economic horizons, B.C.’s most profitable companies and their bottom lines have consistently exceeded expectations.” Richard Chu Read full article


Advisor’s Edge Report: How safe is your yield

“It’s been five years of continuous market volatility combined with sustained low interest rates, so investors can be forgiven for rejecting long-term investment plans in favour of short-term yields.” David Barr Read full article


Financial Post: Small caps, big returns

“Companies that have outsized amounts of cash on their balance sheets often appeal to value investors, and many such “cash boxes” are popping up in the North American resource space these days, but David Barr, […]

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