Kristina Bergman

Partner, Pender Ventures

Kristina Bergman joined Pender in November 2020 as a Partner of Pender Ventures.

Kristina brings a rare set of experiences to Pender. She has been on all sides of the enterprise equation. She led the go-to-market team for a multi-billion product line at a Microsoft; she founded, grew and led the strategic exit of her own B2B Data Privacy company, Integris Software, and she has held a number of board positions, raising over US$15 million in VC funding, as well as having a track record for M&A success.

Kristina has a B.Comm from the University of Victoria (Dean’s List) and a Master’s in Finance (M.Sc.) from Boston University. She is mentor, angel investor, and a Limited Partner with the Female Founders Alliance (Seattle).

Listen to Kristina’s podcasts here.