Rolf Dekleer

Vice President, Pender Ventures

Rolf Dekleer joined Pender’s investment team in March 2019 as Vice President, Investments PE/VC. Rolf has 19 years of venture capital investment experience. He also has 15 years of operating experience with private and public technology companies such as Cymbolic Sciences, MacDonald Dettwiler, Agilent Technologies, Hewlett-Packard and Schlumberger. He has extensive experience in operations, product management and business development, including over 10 years with venture capital backed firms.

Rolf has an MA and an MBA from York University, and graduated from BCIT’s Electronics Engineering program. He currently serves as Lab Investigator at CDL-West.

Current board positions: Boreal Genomics, Cooledge Lighting, Copperleaf Technologies, D-Wave Systems, General Fusion, Switch Materials and VEF. Past board/investment activity includes: Angstrom Power (sold to BIC), Cellex Power (sold to Plug Power), Clearwater Technologies (sold to Terasen), Distrix Networks, Dyaptive Systems (sold to JDSU), EQO Communications, Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Assoc., JGKB/Versawave Technologies (sold to Optelian), NxtGen Emission Controls (sold to Westport), Photonics Industry Assoc., QImaging (sold to Roper), Radiant Communications (sold to Comwave), Redlen Technologies, and Zeugma Systems (sold to Tellabs).