Pender Alternative Special Situations Fund

The Pender Alternative Special Situations Fund* aims to identify investment opportunities that the Manager believes represent special situations – when a company is undergoing a value changing event which has not yet been recognized by the market. There are often opportunities for companies and industries when there is a change in fundamentals, sentiment or momentum or another catalyst present, such as a restructuring. The Fund aims to achieve long-term capital appreciation by investing primarily in Canadian and US equities with the ability to also invest in debt and other securities.

As at Sept. 1, 2022 (the “Conversion Date”), the Fund amended its investment objectives and strategies and converted from a conventional mutual fund to an alternative mutual fund. For further information, please see the news release under the Documents tab and the Simplified Prospectus dated August 29, 2022, available on SEDAR at or under the Legal & Financial tab. 

* Formerly the Pender Special Situations Fund

  • As of the Conversion Date, as an alternative mutual fund, the Fund is permitted to invest in asset classes or use investment strategies that are not permitted for conventional mutual funds. The specific strategies that differentiate this Fund from conventional mutual funds include: increased use of derivatives for hedging and non-hedging purposes; increased ability to sell securities short; the ability to borrow cash to use for investment purposes; and increased ability to invest in physical commodities. While these strategies will be used in accordance with the Fund’s investment objectives and strategies, during certain market conditions they may accelerate the pace at which your investment decreases in value. Due to these changes, performance of the Fund prior to the Conversion Date which relates to the Fund’s previous investment objectives and strategies may differ from future performance of the Fund after the Conversion Date under its new investment objectives and strategies.

  • ClassFund Codes DescriptionMER*Minimum Investment: Initial/[Subsequent]
    APGF 1500Front End2.45%$5,000 / [$100]
    FPGF 1510Fee Based1.45%$5,000 / [$100]
    HPGF 1540Front End – HNW2.15%$100,000 / [$100]
    IPGF 1550Fee Based – HNW1.30%$100,000 / [$100]

    *MER was NIL at at 2022-06-30 due to waiver of fees

    Asset Class: Alternative Equity Focused
    Inception Date: July, 2020
    Valuation Frequency: Daily
    Eligibility: Canada-wide, Registered Plans
    Distributions: DRIP annually, cash optional
    Benchmark: S&P/TSX Composite Index

    Performance Fee: 15% of the amount by which the total return of the class of units exceeds a 6% hurdle rate

    Portfolio Manager: Amar Pandya, CFA

Standard Performance Data is subject to important disclosures set out in our Disclaimer

Amar Pandya

Amar Pandya

Portfolio Manager

Amar Pandya is a Portfolio Manager at Pender. He joined the company in October 2017.

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