• Pender Virtual Investment Conference 2021

    June 8-10, 2021


We invite you to hold these times in your diary.

Pender is working on the agenda for its annual Investment Conference, to be held virtually in June. The conference will consist of six individual sessions.
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8am PST, June 8, 2021

Forward Thinking in the Digitally Accelerated Age: How Top Performing Restaurants are Embracing Tech to Win the Consumer

Pender CIO Felix Narhi talks to “fast casual” pioneer, Ron Shaich, Founder of Panera Bread, Managing Partner of Act III and Board Observer at PAR Tech about digital innovation in the restaurant sector.

10am PST, June 8, 2021

Hustle and Grit – The important work of building private companies that will move the world forward through diversity, alignment and engagement

Guest host, Rebecca Lovell will introduce you to the Pender Ventures Team, their philosophy, values, investing approach and more.

8am PST, June 9, 2021

Special Situations: How to successfully analyze and navigate M&A event driven opportunities

David Barr and Amar Pandya will talk about their shared experience of merger arb, activism, “bumpitrage”, special situations and catalyst investing with a guest host.

10am pst, June 9, 2021

ESG: What’s behind the ESG label? Evaluating approaches to ESG

ESG The Pender Way –  An integrated framework with Felix Narhi, Kenndal McArdle and guest host, Judy Cotte, CEO at ESG Global Advisors Inc.

8am PST, June 10, 2021

Small Cap Tech Investing

David Barr and Sharon Wang discuss current small cap markets with a guest host.

10am PST, June 10, 2021

Change We Can Believe In? Money, Inflation and Credit Markets in an Age of Stimulus

Ben Raridoux, President of North Cove Advisors will join the Pender Fixed Income Team to talk about both the theory and the real-world ramifications of inflation. 

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