• Pender Investment Conference 2021

    ESG: What’s behind the ESG label? Evaluating approaches to ESG

    Judy Cotte, Felix Narhi, Kenndal McArdle

    June 9, 2021

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The pandemic has heightened investor interest in ESG considerations, as COVID-19 has had implications for society and corporate governance practices, as well as links to environmental factors. With the breadth of ESG labeled products out there, how can you determine substance from marketing speak?

Felix and Kenndal hosted Judy Cotte, former CEO of ESG Global Advisors and now Head of ESG at Onex, to review the impact of the pandemic on ESG investing and in particular how to spot a truly integrated ESG approach from “greenwashing”.

Disclaimer: The content of this video is for information purposes only and should not be viewed as investment advice or an offer to buy or sell Pender’s funds, or the securities we mention. Any discussion of performance is not an indicator of future results. All opinions are as of the June 9, 2021. We may not share the opinions of our guest.

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“The fact is, most ESG issues are quite qualitative, and they really do require some nuance judgment to understand and assess in the context of the overall company, and they really don’t lend themselves to a numerical score….every provider has a different methodology, you see considerable dispersion across the scores. So that’s where the art of the portfolio manager comes in to really understand what’s material and relevant for the company.”– Judy Cotte