Deploying Generative AI: Predictions, Surprises, Strategies and Shortages
April 24, 2024

Deploying Generative AI: Predictions, Surprises, Strategies and Shortages


Maria Pacella, Managing Partner of Pender Ventures gets an in-depth status report on Generative AI in this fascinating conversation with Duncan Stewart, Director of Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) Research at Deloitte Canada.

Subtitle: “I predict by the end of the year all of my predictions will be wrong”


Key Takeaways

[02:41]Who is leading the charge with embedding of Generative AI – is it big companies or small, or is it this sector or that?
[05:00]What is the main impediment to not hitting Duncan’s prediction that we’ll see revenue uplift of $10 billion from Gen AI in enterprise software in 2024.
[07:24]How are companies and countries customizing the way they deploy Generative AI?
[10:52]Pricing model predictions and how those predictions are panning out
[13:06]What are the biggest challenges for software vendors to integrate Gen AI capabilities and how will they make their money back?
[15:22] Do we think AI will have a greater impact that we had anticipated in the long term?
[18:29]Gen AI chip (and raw material) supply and demand – priorities, strategies and shortages.
[24:15]Other challenging variables: Data and IP
[30:14]What regulations should we be aware of and what considerations should companies keep in mind?
[31:21]Which of Duncan’s predictions are likely to change and how?

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