Distressed Credit Markets: An Inside Look
July 4, 2024

Distressed Credit Markets: An Inside Look

A unique value proposition – what we do and what we don’t do

In this discussion, Parul Garg, hosted by Rita Silvan, sheds light on the risk and rewards of investing in stressed and distressed credits in public markets and how the portfolio management team leverages a nimble approach to capitalize on unique opportunities often overlooked by larger funds. Parul explains the investment strategy, the advantages of focusing on public credit, and how proactive credit management plays a crucial role in generating alpha for investors. This strategy forms the core of the Pender Credit Opportunities Fund as well as being a sleeve of investments in the Pender Corporate Bond Fund portfolio.

Key Takeaways

01:10What kind of assets does the Pender Credit Opportunities Fund invest in?
03:28Public vs. private credit
06:00Addressing volatility in public companies
07:35What are the potential advantages to an investor choosing this Fund over some of the mega size funds?
15:13Proactive credit management and how the team applies it to this Fund
17:23Exploring non-core investment areas for potential returns
18:54Certain areas of credit where this Fund won’t participate
20:56Evaluating the economic cycle's impact on Fund success
22:35Integrating this strategy into a diversified investment portfolio