Episode 13 – Private Equity – Our Perspectives on 2018-2019
January 31, 2019

Episode 13 – Private Equity – Our Perspectives on 2018-2019

David Barr interviews Maria Pacella, Pender’s SVP Private Equity, on the trends she sees in private equity in 2019.

Subtitle: Looking for “the magical hockey stick”

David and Maria discuss the trends she sees in private equity in 2019 from the investment angle, highlighting financing and exit strategies on both sides of the border, also touching on the impact of uncertainty and volatility on private equity. They also looks at trends from the technology perspective. What’s going to be of interest in 2019, the problems and challenges and which sectors will take a lead in adoption?

Key Takeaways

1:20 After introducing Maria, David asks her about current trends in private equity, financing, structural changes and going public.
05:36 How do we go about navigating the environment and what impact do volatility and hype in public markets have on private equity?
06:43 Dave and Maria talk about exiting investments, the pressure to exit, ways to go public and the two kinds of IPOs they see.
16:31 They switch gears here from the investing side, to start talking about technology trends with mentions for AI, crypto, blockchain and quantum computing.
21:40 They close with a quick chat about Maria’s current book recommendation.

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