Episode 32 – Quarterly Equity Update
January 9, 2020

Episode 32 – Quarterly Equity Update

Sarah Wildman is joined by David Barr and Felix Narhi for their quarterly equity update.

Subtitle: Looking back on 2019 and forward to 2020.

Sarah Wildman, Director of Institutional Family Office Wealth Services, is joined by David Barr and Felix Narhi to provide their quarterly equity update, with a twist. They are in the perfect position to not only reflect on the last quarter, but to look back on all of 2019, while looking forward to what 2020 might hold for Pender.

Key Takeaways

01:15 Sarah asks Felix and Dave to share some of their high points from 2019.
05:04 Dave shares one of the names in the portfolio that really stood out for him in 2019.
06:28 Felix adds that “founder run companies tend to outperform the market” and includes some examples.
17:31 Felix discusses the unprecedented 30% negative yielding global bond market in 2019.
18:00 Dave and Felix reflect on the volatility of 2019 and in particular the fear that took hold in August.
20:46 Dave comments on the impact of fund flows into passive instruments and the impact on active management.
26:09 While he doesn’t have a crystal ball, Dave shares a few ideas he is excited to follow in 2020.
30:37 Dave and Felix discuss a few of the books they are currently reading.