Episode 33 – Quarterly Fixed Income Update
January 23, 2020

Episode 33 – Quarterly Fixed Income Update

Sarah Wildman is joined by Geoff Castle for the Pender Quarterly Fixed Income Update Podcast.

Subtitle: Looking back on 2019 and forward to 2020.

Sarah Wildman, Director of Institutional Family Office Wealth Services, is joined by Geoff Castle, Portfolio Manager of the Pender Corporate Bond Fund to provide the quarterly fixed income update. They look back on the last quarter, on 2019 as a whole, and anticipate the challenges and opportunities that await the Fund in 2020.  

Key Takeaways

[01:05]Geoff kicks off the podcast by sharing some of the highlights for the Fund in 2019.
[03:25]Sarah asks Geoff to elaborate on changes to the Pender fixed income investment team.
[04:25]Geoff shares some of the winners for the Fund in 2019, including a closed-end fund.
[10:58]Sarah asks Geoff what learnings from 2019 will be carried forward into 2020.
[13:45]Geoff talks about the building blocks for 2020 credit returns and shares some potential areas of interest for the Fund in 2020.
[17:19]Geoff introduces the Pender Bond Universe Fund, launching at the end of January 2020, and highlights some of the anticipated advantages, as well as how it complements the Pender Corporate Bond Fund.
[18:51]Geoff reflects on a successful year for the Pender Strategic Growth and Income Fund.
[20:07]Sarah closes the episode by asking Geoff what he is currently reading.