Episode 59 – Quarterly Equity Update
January 14, 2021

Episode 59 – Quarterly Equity Update

Sarah Wildman is joined by David Barr and Felix Narhi to provide the quarterly equity update.

Subtitle: Looking back on the challenges of 2020 and towards the opportunities of 2021.

In this episode Sarah Wildman, Director of Institutional & Family Office Wealth Services, is joined by David Barr, President, CEO and Portfolio Manager of the Pender Small Cap Opportunities Fund and Felix Narhi, Pender’s Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager, who manages the Pender US All Cap Equity Fund. Together, they co-manage the Pender Value Fund. They look back on 2020 as a whole, with a focus on the resurgence of equities, and in particular small-caps. They also look towards 2021, how they are positioning the funds for the coming year, with a detailed dive into cryptocurrency.

Key Takeaways

[01:04]A look at the whole of 2020, with a focus on the volatility of March and April.
[04:41]The small-cap resurgence in Q4.
[09:56]How the equity team plans to safeguard the gains made in 2020.
[15:59]A conversation about “ZIPSS”, five breakout companies that David and Felix find compelling.
[23:48]How David and Felix are positioning portfolios for the future.
[26:25]Frontier investing and the cryptocurrency trend.
[36:48]Final thoughts on 2020 and how sticking to the Pender investment process contributed to our performance.
[38:36]A book recommendation from David and Felix.