Episode 67 – Quarterly Fixed Income Update
April 8, 2021

Episode 67 – Quarterly Fixed Income Update

Sarah Wildman is joined by Geoff Castle and Parul Garg for the Quarterly Fixed Income update.

Subtitle: Leaning against volatility to generate returns.

In this episode Sarah Wildman, Director of Institutional & Family Office Wealth Services, is joined by Geoff Castle, Portfolio Manager of the Pender Corporate Bond Fund, and Parul Garg, Associate Portfolio Manager. They take a short look back on the last quarter, discuss inflation and the term premium, and review some of the sectors that have caught their eye recently.

Key Takeaways

[01:11]A positive quarter for the Pender Corporate Bond Fund – why did the Fund do well?
[02:51]A review of the stronger performing securities from the last quarter, including First Majestic Silver, Granite Construction and Chesapeake.
[05:13]Why bond yield rates rose and the implications for the portfolio; the term premium and its impact on the portfolio.
[09:03]Thoughts on inflation and what the team is seeing.
[12:28]The positive term premium and the resulting opportunity to add longer duration securities to the portfolio.
[14:13]Some sectors that have recently caught the attention of the team.
[17:53]Takeaways from Geoff’s most recent Profiles in Credit podcast with Dylan Grice.
[20:12]A book recommendation from Geoff.