Episode 68 – Quarterly Equity Update
April 22, 2021

Episode 68 – Quarterly Equity Update

Sarah Wildman is joined by David Barr and Felix Narhi for the Quarterly Equity Update.

SubtitleLearnings from three once in a lifetime market crashes, and stress testing The Pender Way

In this episode Sarah Wildman, Director of Institutional & Family Office Wealth Services, is joined by David Barr, President, CEO and Portfolio Manager of the Pender Small Cap Opportunities Fund and Felix Narhi, Pender’s Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager, who manages the Pender US All Cap Equity Fund. Together, they co-manage the Pender Value Fund. They revisit the last 12 months of portfolio performance and look at how Pender’s investment process was both stress tested and set Pender’s equity funds up for their current performance profiles. They also take a moment to talk about the opportunities they are seeing at the moment, including what they are referring to as “Phoenixes”. 

Key Takeaways

[01:12]Looking back at the last quarter in equities and reflecting how current performance is a straight line back to decisions taken during the crisis of 2020.
[02:41]Thoughts on how Pender’s investment process stood up to being tested during the market crash.
[03:25]Drawing on our experience to guide us through rough waters.
[04:58]Reflecting on how the market crash of 2020 compared to previous crashes and corrections.
[08:32]Seeing two years’ worth of digital transformation in two months.
[13:51]Portfolio highlights that we held before, during and after the crash, PAR Tech, Zillow, ProntoForms and Sangoma.
[18:06]Sectors the team is focused on now.
[20:25]Tailwinds for the Pender US All Cap Equity Fund
[22:14]The team talks about the “Phoenixes rising from the ashes” that they are excited about.
[26:40]Book recommendations from David and Felix.