Health Tech Trends in the Age of COVID-19
May 7, 2020

Health Tech Trends in the Age of COVID-19

David Barr talks to Hamed Shahbazi, founder and CEO of Well Health Technologies.

Subtitle: The Art of Building a Business: From start-up, to growing concern to acquisition – a CEO’s journey.

In this episode David Barr talks to Hamed Shahbazi, founder and CEO of Well Health Technologies. They discuss how they first met and their connection, Hamed’s first company, TIO Networks and how he is applying all the experience and learning from that enterprise to Well Health Technologies.

We re-recorded a key part of the conversation. This episode was taped before COVID-19 was declared a pandemic. At that time, Hamed discussed waiting for the adoption of digitization in healthcare to catch up to other industries, and in particular how doctors were slow to adopt technology into their practices. Our re-record gives you an up-to-date picture of how COVID-19 has increased the uptake of technology in healthcare virtually overnight, from someone at the epicentre of adoption.

Key Takeaways

[02:48]David asks Hamed to share his vision for WELL Health Technologies; the sudden acceptance of virtual clinic platforms by doctors and online consultations by patients, which could only have been realized in a world where isolation is the new normal.
[11:22]They discuss the future of health tech, when COVID is no longer the driving force.
[14:08]David and Hamed look back on how they met and how the first term sheet could have made for a very short acquaintance.
[17:45]Hamed talks about growth and in particular growth through acquisition and some of the capital allocators he looks up to in the M&A community.
[26:04]Hamed shares some wisdom from his learnings about company culture and incorporating an acquired company culture into the acquiring company culture.
[33:13]David asks Hamed about why he chose to go public so early when many tech companies choose to stay private.
[36:46]Hamed shares how he continues to learn as a leader and seasoned investor and the art of curating reliable, trustworthy content.
[40:32]David closes the podcast by asking Hamed to recommend a book that has been impactful.

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