Savneet Singh – PAR Technology Corp
July 23, 2020

Savneet Singh – PAR Technology Corp

David Barr chats with Savneet Singh, President and CEO of PAR Technology Corp.

Subtitle: Focusing on what we’re good at during tough times.

In this episode David Barr, President and Portfolio Manager, chats with Savneet Singh, President and CEO of PAR Technology Corp., a holding in several of Pender’s equity mandates for over a year. They discuss software as a platform, entrepreneurship, corporate culture and the transformation of PAR since Savneet became CEO.

Key Takeaways

[02:46]The conversation kicks off with Savneet talking about the evolution of the software industry and his take on software as a platform.
[05:54]Savneet discusses the massive disruption in the restaurant industry due to COVID-19, adoption, innovation and how it will shape the sector going forward.
[13:53]David and Savneet discuss the competitive landscape and the who is making the buy decision these days.
[17:40]Savneet shares details about his entrepreneurial background and how he was “so captivated by the idea of” eBay in his early teens.
[20:47]David asks Savneet where he gets his ideas from and the conversation turns to entrepreneurship.
[25:39]They discuss the importance of company culture. Savneet shares his belief that “there’s nothing more important that a CEO can do [than] set the culture.”
[29:39]Savneet talks about the work from home options at PAR, the potential impact on the culture they have built and how they are attracting talent.
[35:58]David asks Savneet about M&A, the potential for “hidden gem”, Brink and the one, three- and five-year goals at PAR.
[43:00]David closes the podcast by asking Savneet for a book recommendation that is relevant today.

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