The 12 Days of Investing

– DAY 3 –

Due Diligence, Due Diligence

Roll up your sleeves and put in the necessary work.

Due diligence has always been a core part of The Pender Investment Process. Undertaking the fundamental analysis of a company from the bottom up ensures that before we invest, we fully understand the potential risks and rewards. It’s clear to see from the hype and headlines that the level of due diligence undertaken can vary widely for different investors, and some will move quicker than us.

However, we pride ourselves on our high level of due diligence in assessing the people, the product, the market and the business economics. We firmly believe that in doing so we acquire the knowledge to mitigate losses on the downside and help drive superior risk-adjusted returns on the upside.


The Pender Investment Process

Pender’s goal is to protect and grow wealth for our investors over time. To achieve this, we seek to understand the quality of a business or security; obtain more value than we are paying for; deploy capital in flexible mandates and mitigate downside risk. Take a journey through our equity investment process to find out how we generate ideas, analyse securities, construct and manage our portfolios.

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Our Company

The Pender Edge

Our stock selection and performance cannot be achieved by anything other than a rigorous research process and active portfolio management. We consider each investment from the perspective of a business owner, undertaking deep fundamental analysis before an investment, monitoring our investment thesis during ownership and making disciplined portfolio optimization and sell decisions based on our ongoing due diligence.

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Blog Post

The 12 Days of Investing

We’re marking the holidays with the 12 Days of Investing the Pender Way. Short posts in which we share some of the key tenets of our investment process.

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