Who We Are

Pender is an independent, employee-owned, value-based investment firm located in Vancouver. Our goal is to create value for our investors by generating superior risk-adjusted returns, while protecting capital and minimizing downside risk. Pender has a team of specialist portfolio managers who are expert analysts, security selectors and value investors. They manage a suite of niche investment funds with concentrated portfolios of value-based investments in which they are also investors. We have the following investing philosophy:

  • We believe that small and nimble funds, such as ours, can be opportunistic, accessing unique investment opportunities that are potentially rewarding for investors.
  • We believe that funds with concentrated portfolios of value‐based investments have the potential to generate superior long‐term, risk‐adjusted returns.
  • We believe that managers who have their own financial interests aligned with those of investors in the fund show greater conviction in their investment process and act with heightened vigilance of both risks and opportunities.

The Pender Edge – What factors give us an advantage?

Our Name

The name “Pender” is well-recognized in the lower mainland of British Columbia. Pender Harbour on the Sunshine Coast was named after Daniel Pender, a Royal Naval Officer and Captain who served and led several expeditions to accurately chart the BC coastline. Apparently known for his “zeal and thoroughness…his mandate was to resolve unsafe discrepancies in…the survey maps of Captain Cook and Captain Vancouver”1. Navigating unsafe waters is what we do too.

1 The Reverend Ed Hird, St Simon’s Anglican Church, North Vancouver (date unavailable)

Brief History

2003 Pender was established in Vancouver, British Columbia. It began using a value-based investment approach to manage its venture capital fund, the Pender Growth Fund Inc.
2009 Pender launched its mutual fund division, with the inception of the Pender Small Cap Opportunities Fund managed by David Barr and the Pender Corporate Bond Fund.
2010 Pender expanded its mutual fund business with the launch of two additional funds, the Pender Canadian Opportunities Fund and the Pender Strategic Growth & Income Fund.
  With the approval of unit holders, Pender restructured Pender Growth Fund Inc and it began trading on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol PTF.
2013 Pender launched the Pender US All Cap Equity Fund and the Pender Value Fund.
2014 The Pender Select Ideas Fund, an alternative fund, was launched.
2017 Maria Pacella joined Pender as SVP, Private Equity.
2018 Pender launched a new fund, the Pender Technology Inflection Fund 1 Limited Partnership.