• Responsible Investment The Pender Way

    A Fundamental Integrated Approach

At Pender, our portfolio managers and analysts integrate Responsible Investing and ESG analysis into each investment mandate—public equities, fixed income, and venture capital—to preserve and grow our clients’ capital. We are committed to continuous education and optimization, and consistent monitoring and reporting.

How Pender incorporates Responsible Investing into our portfolios

As bottom-up investors, Pender’s ESG factor analysis is an integral part of our investment process and is consistent with our investment philosophy. It helps us to understand the quality of a business or security and to determine factors that may impact value, deployment of capital, and mitigate downside risk. We believe that accessing corporate ESG data that is comparable, consistent and material can be critical to long-term enterprise value creation. 

All Pender mandates incorporate Responsible Investing integration. Some of our mandates may contain additional ESG strategies including some of the following: 

  1. Corporate engagement and shareholder action 
  2. Positive best-in-class screening 
  3. Sustainability-themed investing 
  4. Impact investing 
  5. Exclusionary/negative screening 

Environmental Factors

Companies that acknowledge environmental conditions and risks and how their businesses may contribute to the amelioration of climate change. 

Social Factors

Companies that conduct business in an ethical and honest way and engage positively with the communities in which they operate.

Governance Factors

Companies with experienced management teams and stated governance processes and policies that are in alignment with prudent and balanced business practices.