Fees & Fund Codes

Pender Alternative Absolute Return Fund[2]

ClassCodeDescriptionManagement FeeAdmin FeeTrailer
Class APGF 2000Front End1.800.501.00
Class FPGF 2010Fee Based0.800.50
Class HPGF 2040Front End – HNW1.500.500.85
Class IPGF 2050Fee Based – HNW0.650.50

Pender Alternative Arbitrage Fund[2]

ClassCodeDescriptionManagement FeeAdmin FeeTrailer
Class APGF 2100Front End1.800.501.00
Class FPGF 2110Fee Based0.800.50
Class HPGF 2140Front End – HNW1.500.500.85
Class IPGF 2150Fee Based – HNW0.650.50

Pender Bond Universe Fund

Class APGF 1400Front End1.160.35
Class FPGF 1410Fee Based0.64
Class DPGF 1460Discount Brokerage0.82

Pender Corporate Bond Fund

Class APGF 500Front End2.010.80
Class FPGF 510Fee Based1.17
Class HPGF 540Front End-HNW1.690.65
Class IPGF 550Fee Based-HNW1.02
Class DPGF 560Discount Brokerage1.17
Class A – USPGF 501Front End1.980.80
Class F – USPGF 511Fee Based1.14
Class H – USPGF 541Front End-HNW1.680.65
Class I – USPGF 551Fee Based-HNW1.00

Pender Emerging Markets Impact Fund

ClassCodeDescriptionManagement FeeAdmin Fee
Class APGF 1700Front End1.800.50
Class FPGF 1710Fee Based0.800.50
Class HPGF 1740Front End-HNW1.500.50
Class IPGF 1750Fee Based-HNW0.650.50

Pender Enhanced Income Fund

Class APGF 1000Front End2.301.00
Class FPGF 1010Fee Based1.25
Class IPGF 1050Fee Based-HNW1.10

Pender Partners Fund

Class APGF 1100Front End2.491.00
Class IPGF 1150Fee Based-HNW1.26
Class F2PGF 1113Fee Based1.42

Pender Small Cap Opportunities Fund

Class APGF 315Front End2.561.00
Class FPGF 320Fee Based1.54
Class BPGF 380Front End2.731.00
Class GPGF 390Fee Based1.65

Pender Small/Mid Cap Dividend Fund

Class APGF 1300Front End2.541.00
Class FPGF 1310Fee Based1.51
Class HPGF 1340Front End-HNW2.240.85
Class IPGF 1350Fee Based-HNW1.36
Class DPGF 1360Discount Brokerage1.52

Pender Strategic Growth & Income Fund

Class APGF 600Front End2.281.00
Class FPGF 610Fee Based1.26
Class HPGF 640Front End-HNW1.970.85
Class IPGF 650Fee Based-HNW1.10
Class DPGF 660Discount Brokerage1.31

Pender Global Focused Fund (formerly Pender US All Cap Equity Fund)

Class APGF 800Front End2.381.00
Class FPGF 810Fee Based1.36
Class HPGF 840Front End-HNW2.120.85
Class IPGF 850Fee Based -HNW1.21
Class DPGF 860Discount Brokerage1.37
Class A – USPGF 801Front End2.411.00
Class F – USPGF 811Fee Based1.36

Pender Value Fund

Class APGF 200Front End2.461.00
Class FPGF 210Fee Based1.43
Class HPGF 240Front End-HNW2.160.85
Class IPGF 250Fee Based-HNW1.27
Class DPGF 260Discount Brokerage1.43

Pender Value Fund II

Class APGF 1200Front End2.471.00
Class FPGF 1210Fee Based1.43
Class IPGF 1250Fee Based-HNW1.26

Pender Special Situations Fund (formerly Pender Strategic Investment Fund)

ClassCodeDescriptionMgt + Admin Fee[2]Trailer
Class APGF 1500Front End2.451.00
Class FPGF 1510Fee Based 1.45
Class HPGF 1540Front End – HNW2.150.85
Class IPGF 1550Fee Based – HNW1.30
Class DPGF 1560Discount Brokerage1.45

[1] As at 2021-12-31

[2] MER was NIL at 2021-12-31 due to waiver of fees