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Why Invest with Pender?

Pender provides value—from our investment strategy to our customer service. We are value-investors and our specialist portfolio managers run a suite of niche investment funds that are difficult to replicate because:

  1. We specialise in looking at out-of-favour parts of the market and undiscovered small companies where we can find compelling opportunities which are often overlooked by other investors.
  2. As value investors we are selective and focused on identifying and buying securities at a price that includes a margin of safety.
  3. We are occasionally contrarian investors and benefit from being headquartered away from the noise of major financial hubs. Securities are selected on fundamental qualities and are often un-correlated to market indexes.
  4. Portfolios are concentrated as we believe that a smaller portfolio of “best ideas” and avoiding “diworsification” are key to driving performance.
  5. We are aligned. Our portfolio managers, as well as others on the Pender team, are invested alongside investors in our funds.