Unlocking Value – Catalyst-Driven Investing

As small cap investors, liquidity is never far from our minds. We are focused on preserving and growing capital and a “take-out” is both a liquidity event and a potential value creation event.
With a track record of identifying catalysts, how do we pin-point the next “take-out” target?


Transat A.T. – Searching the Skies for a Catalyst

“While we don’t consider ourselves activist investors, we have no qualms about advocating on behalf of our unitholders to obtain fair value for the companies we own. “


Amar Pandya 
September 2019

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Avoiding Value Traps by Looking for Catalysts

“Catalysts are important for two reasons. With our private equity approach, what we’re always trying to do is begin with the end in mind. And when we buy a company, we ask ourselves who’s going to buy it and what is that potential price.”

David Barr and Felix Narhi
September 2019

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Catalysts: Investing in “take-outs”

“So how do we pin point a take-out candidate from the wide field of publicly traded entrepreneurial prospects? “The truth is we rarely buy expecting a take-out”, says David Barr. “However it’s a by-product of our process, our private equity approach to public markets.””

Investment Team
January 2017

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