Pender raises $64,760 for Canada’s food banks in December 2022

Written by Jahnavi Kochar on .

In December, Pender and our employees contributed a combined $64,760 to food banks across Canada.   

In a virtual donation drive for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank (GVFB) employees raised over $17,355, with the firm matching each donation, as well as making an additional donation, bringing the total to $54,520 for the Vancouver Food Bank alone. As a result, Pender was the #1 fundraising team on the GVFB site. Pender also donated a combined total of $10,240 to food banks in Edmonton, Montreal and Toronto.  

 Rising inflation continues to drive up prices of basics such as food, household supplies, and shelter causing more individuals and families to sign up at food banks. The  provides healthy and locally sourced food to members. Their Baby Steps program supplies diapers, formula, food, and snacks for infants and toddlers. (In 2022, actors and expectant parents Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds matched donations to Baby Steps up to $25,000.) Because of the GVFB’s buying power and strong relationships with farmers and retailers, every dollar raised can double or triple the purchasing power of food and supplies.  

 Everyone at Pender salutes the work done by the team at Food Bank Canada. Their active compassion is an inspiration to us and a boon to those in need.