Health Tech Trends in the Digital Age

Our insights into the accelerated adoption of technology in healthcare during COVID-19.

“The recent proliferation of telehealth is an example. As long-term investors in both technology and on the fringes of healthcare, we have always believed there was a lot of opportunity for technology to help solve many of the challenges faced in healthcare, but we were always constrained by the rate of adoption – with stakeholders across the healthcare continuum slow to adopt technology. So now, with COVID19 shining the spotlight on all the problems in healthcare and its delivery, will there finally be some fundamental shifts in the industry?”

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The Transformation of Healthcare: Is telehealth a bellwether of changes to come?

Maria Pacella writes about the inflection point in health tech

The pandemic happened just as personalized health was in its infancy and as tools like machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) were beginning to be used in impactful ways in healthcare.

May 20, 2020

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Episode 38 – Health Tech Trends in the Age of COVID-19

David Barr talks to Hamed Shahbazi, founder and CEO of Well Health Technologies.

“Patient adoption changed, physician adoption changed, regulatory change occurred very quickly”….”

May 7, 2020

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More insights from 2019…

“The convergence of health and tech has become one of the fastest growing subsets of the technology sector more broadly, with early and inflection stage companies engineering products specifically to meet the shifting needs of healthcare professionals. This cooperation is resulting directly in innovations that will help drive forward advances, not only in the quality of patient care, but also in earlier diagnosis and preventative medicine.”

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Just What the Doctor Ordered

Maria Pacella writes about how challenges in healthcare sector have driven the industry to turn to technology to develop new solutions to old problems.

April 25, 2019

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Episode 17 – Just What the Doctor Ordered

Maria Pacella sits down with the founder of Clarius Mobile Health, Laurent Pelissier to talk about the problems the company is trying to solve and the breakthroughs they have made in hand held ultrasound devices.

May 16, 20199

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