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January 11, 2022
Written by Evan Warburton

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Alternative Arbitrage Fund – May 2024

Highlights The Fund initiated positions in 17 new merger deals. Several key deals closed after achieving their final approvals. These included: Tricon Residential Inc, Carrols Restaurant Group, TrueContext Corp and MDF Commerce Inc. Our SPAC exposure will see a pickup during the summer due to SPAC expirations which should drive an increase in redemptions and liquidations and a temporary higher weighting of SPACs. Dear Unitholders, The Pender Alternative Arbitrage Fund was up 0.4%[1] in May 2024. The Fund’s benchmark, the HFRI ED: Merger Arbitrage Index (USD) returned 1.6% during the same period. Download the PDF. M&A Market Update Global M&A…

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