Pender Private Investments Announces Pro Rata Redemption of Legacy Shares

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VANCOUVER, B.C. – Pender Private Investments Inc. (“PPI”), formerly named Working Opportunity Fund (EVCC) Ltd., is pleased to report that it has completed a pro rata redemption of its outstanding Legacy Shares.

Pro Rata Redemption of WOF Legacy Shares

(Applies to fund codes WOF141/142/894/895/896)

As previously announced, PPI has recently completed two divestments of portfolio companies (the “Portfolio Exits”). In connection with the Portfolio Exits, and in accordance with special rights and restrictions attached to the Legacy Shares, a redemption of 58.49% of the outstanding Legacy Shares was completed on a pro rata basis effective October 13, 2021 at a redemption price of $6.4705 per share, being the then Net Asset Value of the shares.

Important Note: Legacy Shares are now considered “company” shares and in order to hold “company” shares you need an eligible account. Please contact your financial advisor to ensure that your account is eligible or to assist you in changing your account. Any outstanding Legacy Shares that are not transferred in kind to an eligible account by the required time frame will be acquired under the May 28, 2021 Transaction for applicable cash consideration. Additional information is available under the ‘Post-Transaction Q&A’ tab at the following link:

About Pender Private Investments
Pender Private Investments is an investment entity with a portfolio of technology companies that was acquired by Pender Growth Fund Inc. through the acquisition of another venture capital.

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