Justin Jacobsen, CFA

Portfolio Manager

Justin is the Portfolio Manager of the Pender Alternative Absolute Return Fund. He joined Pender in August 2021.

Justin most recently worked as a Senior Portfolio Manager at one of Canada’s largest pension fund managers. During his four-year tenure, he was responsible for managing a high-yield focused credit strategy, generating returns for the underlying pension funds. Justin has also spent 11 years at a highly regarded Canadian investment firm. He worked in progressive roles as a member of the firm’s fixed income team. His investment research contributed to the Absolute Return and High Yield Bond strategies at the firm.

Justin’s investment approach is centered around his quick response to market dynamics, taking advantage of opportunities and reacting to increased risk. The key is intelligent security selection across capital structures and markets, supported by active investing, as experienced and applied through multiple market cycles. He has demonstrated the patience and discipline to hold a high quality but out-of-favour security, while constantly re-evaluating his investment thesis in response to new information. Justin is focused on uncovering the best risk-adjusted opportunities in every market cycle and dynamically adjusts portfolio positioning for market environments to protect and grow capital. He utilizes strategies such as distressed credit investing, event-driven trading, capital structure arbitrage, and actively works with management teams to help shape positive outcomes for the securities held.

Justin graduated with a BA in Honours History from Western University and an MBA in Finance from Washington State University. He earned his Chartered Financial Analyst designation in 2012.

Having lived in Victoria for four years, Justin relocated back to his home city of Vancouver with his wife and two children. He is an outdoor enthusiast, who enjoys skiing and playing golf whenever he can.

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