Technology Disruption – “A front row seat”
November 29, 2018

Technology Disruption – “A front row seat”

It's possible to do things that are usually considered impossible.

Maria Pacella, SVP Private Equity at Pender, interviews Rich Miller, who has had a long and illustrious career in Silicon Valley, being at the forefront of distributed computing and networking technologies that we rely on today for the web. From designing and implementing email under ARPAnet, to creating the early predecessor of Slack, to being involved in General Magic’s push to release personal communicators, Rich has alternated between being a consultant to tech companies and being involved in tech startups. He shares some great insights into the industry and lessons learned from his experiences, as well as his predictions for the future applications of technology. Tune in to find out more.

Key Takeaways

00:04Maria introduces her guest for this episode - Rich Miller.
01:56What is Rich's history and background? He takes us through his long and illustrious career and involvement in the field of technology.
04:32Rich tells of his involvement with the creators of Macintosh and the work he did in General Magic toward creating personal communicators.
08:24Back then, what General Magic was trying to create was an early precursor to the iPad. How did that endeavor play out?
10:26Rich shares some of the great technology creators and designs who had their beginnings in General Magic.
12:46What were some of the biggest lessons Rich learned from his time at General Magic?
14:46Rich talks about how he cycles between his consultancy practice and being involved in startups.
16:31One of Rich's great loves and interests has been the care and feeding of the data set. Why is it so important to take care of data as an asset?
18:53If Rich could impart some lessons to entrepreneurs and investors, what would they be?