What Scales is Simplicity
June 4, 2020

What Scales is Simplicity

Kenndal McArdle talks to Matias Marquez, CEO and Founder of Buyatab Online Inc.

Subtitle: Putting the business first to succeed in going from startup to sale.

In this episode Kenndal McArdle, PE/VC Investment Associate, talks to Matias Marquez, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Buyatab Online Inc. They discuss Buyatab’s start in 2009, Matias’ entrepreneurial spirit, and the decisions Matias has made along the way to put Buyatab’s success first.

Key Takeaways

[02:54]Kenndal and Matias begin by talking about the early days, key decisions around the brand and keeping things simple, and the process of failing fast in order to learn quickly.
[07:56]Matias gives his take on entrepreneurship and the discipline to stick to stick to one idea and build around that idea “We're gonna either win at that or we're gonna fail at that." But for sure we'll fail if we try to copy”.
[10:40]Kenndal asks Matias about thinking in probabilities and his decision-making process as a “long-term optimist”.
[12:53]Matias discusses his shift from CEO to COO and leaving egos at the door when the company was looking to raise more capital from investors.
[17:11]Kenndal and Matias talk about the company culture and what the company does to retain both its culture and talent and in particular working from home.
[23:58]Mattias shares his thoughts on the tech sector in Vancouver, ideas to catalyse things and the people who are investing in them in the early stages.
[28:54]Kenndal asks Matias about the reason behind his decision to obtain his CFA designation.
[34:42]The conversation closes with a book recommendation from Matias.