A Balanced Portfolio
in an Uncertain World

The Pender Strategic Growth and Income Fund Receives Industry Recognition with 2023 LSEG Lipper Fund Award for Strong, Long-Term, Risk-Adjusted Returns.

“In today’s unpredictable financial landscape, investors are increasingly searching for a balanced approach to safeguard their investments in market downturns while still capitalizing on growth opportunities. The Fund’s unique blend of assets and strategic approach sets it apart from typical balanced portfolios, enabling it to excel in capturing market upswings and mitigating losses during downturns. This achievement is a testament to the collaborative efforts of the Pender investment team. Leveraging the expertise of Pender’s equities, fixed income and liquid alternatives investment teams, the Fund has navigated through a particularly challenging business cycle to deliver strong performance.”

Felix Narhi, CFA
Pender’s CIO and Portfolio Manager of the The Pender Strategic Growth and Income Fund

Pender Strategic Growth & Income Fund

A diversified balanced fund that aims to generate long-term growth and income by investing in a portfolio of equities and fixed income which may vary depending on market conditions.

The Fund makes allocations across Pender’s investment lineup, specifically, the Fund invests in the Pender Corporate Bond Fund and the Pender Small Cap Opportunities Fund which both aim for best-in-class results. It may also allocate up to 10% of its net assets to a range of Pender’s liquid alternative funds to further diversify the portfolio. Alongside these holdings the Fund will have equity exposures that are typically investments in All-Cap Canadian and U.S. companies, with an emphasis on businesses that generate stable or growing cash distributions to shareholders and further diversify and complement the existing holdings within the fund.

We believe this approach is an important differentiator to traditional balanced funds, which are often under invested in small-mid cap equities, which can be an important long-term driver of returns, and liquid alternatives for diversification benefits.

Portfolio Management Team

Felix Narhi, CFA

CIO and Portfolio Manager

Geoff Castle

Portfolio Manager


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