CFA Society Vancouver Annual Forecast Dinner

February 23, 2023
Written by PenderFund
CFA Society Vancouver Annual Forecast Dinner

Like any intern, my goal is to learn, network and gain a better understanding of the finance industry. Attending the CFA Society Vancouver annual forecast dinner with Pender provided a unique experience and invaluable insights into the industry. It left me inspired and confident in the career path I have chosen. Many of my key takeaways came from the thought-provoking discussions and presentations from Margaret Franklin, CEO of the CFA Society, and Mark Carney, former Governor of the Bank of Canada and Bank of England.

I was excited to hear Mark Carney’s keynote speech. His discussion on Canada’s economic outlook and climate policy resonated with me.  Carney’s perspective on the importance of adaptability stood out in his statement that, “when an industry is in the midst of a revolution like we are seeing with the net zero transition, industry must change and adapt.” He went on to say that “credible policy guides investment” and in the context of net zero transition, he highlighted how important it is to have a thorough climate policy to shape investment in this area.

When I think about the complexity and impact of decisions that someone like Mark Carney would need to make throughout his career, the idea certainly seems daunting, especially for those of us just starting our careers. Carney emphasized the importance of critical decision making and shared his perspective that actually, “decisions while in a crisis are easier than when not.” The takeaway for me is the importance of developing strong critical thinking skills early on. 

The final piece of advice that stuck with me was, “if it does not make sense, it does not make sense.” In other words, if you’ve done your analysis on a concept or decision and you still can’t understand it then it’s probably not an idea worth pursuing.

I also had the opportunity to connect with a number of Pender team members who were in attendance, including those who are CFA charter holders or taking their exams. Hearing candid perspectives from those with firsthand experience in the industry provided me with context to support my growth, beyond what can be found in my textbooks.

Overall, this event was a great opportunity to learn, share knowledge and network with peers and colleagues. It was great to connect with like-minded individuals who share my passion for the finance industry and investing.

As an attendee, I was grateful for Pender’s sponsorship of the event. It is inspiring for me to be part of an organization that actively supports and increases exposure to this level of thought leadership and global perspective.

Carson Claridge,
Credit Markets Intern


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