Forward Thinking. Finding Value.


“Always be open to good accidents”

Written by PenderFund

Berkshire Hathaway AGM 2015 – Pender’s Key Take Away Thoughts (Part 1) We attended the Berkshire Hathaway 2015 Annual Meeting in Omaha. We like to hear first hand from two of our value investing icons. […]

May 7, 2015
Protecting Capital


Written by PenderFund

Duration is a measure of a bond’s price sensitivity to a change in interest rates. It is a key factor in differentiating how funds are positioned for interest rate risk. The longer the duration (the […]

May 5, 2015
Growing Capital

Active Share

Written by PenderFund

Active share is a relatively new calculation1 and provides a measurement of whether or not a portfolio “hugs” an index or not, which is an indication of how actively a portfolio is being managed. An […]

February 27, 2015
Why Pender

Best Ideas

Written by PenderFund

We often call the holdings in our funds our “best ideas”. This may seem obvious – why invest in anything else? The distinction is this. While we have lots of potential investment ideas, Pender manages […]

February 20, 2015
Forward Thinking

Too Hard Pile

Written by PenderFund

The “too hard pile” is a phrase we first heard coined by Charlie Munger, Berkshire Hathaway, “At Berkshire we have three buckets: yes, no and too hard.” In order to find potential investments for our […]

February 20, 2015
Book Reviews

Investing like Ted Williams

Written by David Barr

Ted Williams played major league baseball for the Boston Red Sox for 19 years between 1939 and 1960 and went on to manage the Washington Senators and the Texas Rangers. Nicknamed “The Greatest Hitter Who […]

November 20, 2014