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In order to earn attractive fixed income returns, we believe investors need to embrace a process which carefully assesses credit – coverage, seniority and duration – and which takes advantage of a wide arsenal of tools and approaches to enhance returns, as evidenced by our track record. Funds are conservatively managed to preserve capital, and are opportunistic to generate returns.

Our Process in Practice: Funds

Pender Bond Universe Fund

The Pender Bond Universe Fund is an income fund with an investment grade focus. The objective of the Fund is to preserve capital and generate returns through current income and capital appreciation.

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Pender Corporate Bond Fund

The Pender Corporate Bond Fund is an income fund that is both conservatively managed to preserve capital, as well as opportunistic to generate returns. The Fund is focused on key credit characteristics – coverage, seniority and duration.

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Watch the replay: Webinar featuring Geoff Castle

Watch Geoff Castle appear alongside a panel of other leading industry experts, as they examine the challenges facing advisors and portfolio managers in the bond market. 

  • Panel:
    Geoff Castle, Lead Portfolio Manager of Pender’s Fixed Income | PenderFund Capital Management
    Darcy Briggs, Senior Vice President & Portfolio Manager | Franklin Templeton Fixed Income
    Ben Chim, VP & Director, Portfolio Manager | TD Asset Management
  • Host:
    David Kitai, Senior Editor – Wealth Professional, Key Media | Moderator
  • CPD: This webinar has been approved for 1 CPD credit each from IAFE and FP Canada.

For financial professionals only

This webinar was originally recorded Tuesday March 26, 2024

Pender Corporate Bond Fund – H2 2023

In July 2023, PenderFund hosted a webinar in which Lead Portfolio Manager of Fixed Income portfolios, Geoff Castle, discussed the positioning of the Pender Corporate Bond Fund, his thoughts on the market and where he sees opportunities for fixed income investors.

For professional investors:

WP Advisor Connect Webinar – Q1 2023

In March 2023, PenderFund’s Lead Portfolio Manager of Fixed Income portfolios, Geoff Castle, took part in a webinar panel discussion hosted by Wealth Professional, alongside other fixed income experts from Manulife, TD Asset Management and CI Global Asset Management.

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Pender Corporate Bond Fund Wins FundGrade A+ Award

The Fund was recognized for consistent, risk-adjusted fund outperformance during 2023 at a ceremony held in Toronto on February 1, 2024. This marks the fifth year in the last six that this Fund has won a FundGrade A+ award.

“Our goal with the Pender Corporate Bond Fund is to achieve consistently strong performance based on our rigorous investment process. Receiving this award is a measure of our team’s successful adherence to these high standards.”

Geoff Castle
Pender’s Lead Portfolio Manager of Fixed Income Portfolios