Meet Nancy Gill, CPA

February 10, 2023
Written by PenderFund
Meet Nancy Gill, CPA

When did you join Pender? 

I joined in February of 2019. I had been working with the private equity fund1 since 2002 with the previous manager and when Pender took over management, I came over.  

What do you do?  

I’m an accountant and work predominantly on the private equity side. The scope of my work is two-fold: assessing accurate values for entities over set periods of time and taking care of the reporting function for our quarterlies, financial statements, management discussions and analysis and other related reports. 

What do you enjoy about the work?  

I think every accountant is a little bit of a Sherlock. You’re always trying to piece things together. Since I’ve been on this fund for a long time, I have had the chance to see the full business cycle of many venture portfolio holdings. Plus, I really like my team; they’re just good people. Everybody’s very kind, very hard working and really dedicated.   

What attracted you to Pender?  

Right off the bat, I loved the people, the excellent values, and the whole business approach. It was a great environment. I thought, “this is somewhere I’d want to stick around and be a part of.” 

What about mentors within the company?   

I have had great mentors at Pender. They all lead by example, and they have very high standards for performance; you inevitably learn a lot along the way. 

What talent are you most proud of?  

Multitasking for sure. 

What talent would you like to have? 

I wish I was an Excel wizard and knew every tip, trick, capability of that software.  

What’s one of your favorite personal mottos?  

This too shall pass. 

If you had the power to improve one thing in the world, what would it be? 

I wish that when people make decisions, they’d put themselves in the shoes of others; it would probably lead to better choices. 

Can you name one of your heroes?   

My mom, hands down. She is the epitome of compassion and faith and always treats others the way she’d want to be treated. She is incredibly strong and hardworking, yet she always manages to lead with empathy and kindness. 

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