Pender Emerging Markets Impact Fund

As of November 7, 2022, no further subscriptions for units of the Fund will be accepted.  It is anticipated that existing unitholders will be provided with the requisite 60 days notice of intention to wind down the mandate of the Fund.  After the 60 days notice period, the Fund will fully divest itself of its existing portfolio, converting the assets of the Fund to cash.  All existing third-party unitholders will have their units redeemed.  Unitholders will be able to switch to another Pender managed fund at no charge or will receive redemption proceeds in cash. Further details will be provided in the notice to inform unitholders of their available options.  Please see Press Release for more information.

The investment objective of the Pender Emerging Markets Impact Fund is to provide long-term capital growth to investors. The Fund will invest primarily in companies with operations located in emerging market countries, with business models that are of high quality, and which possess positive and sustainable earnings growth potential. Equally important, the Fund will be strongly aligned and partially invested in impact-type holdings that address environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.

Felix Narhi

Felix Narhi

Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager

Mr. Narhi is the Chief Investment Officer of Pender and the Portfolio Manager of the Pender Strategic Growth and Income Fund, and Co-Manager of the Pender Value Fund.

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