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    Small Cap Investing at Pender

One of Pender’s core areas of expertise is investing in small cap companies. We have developed a circle of competence over more than twenty years of fundamental analysis and deep due diligence in small caps, which has contributed to a strong, long-term track record of performance.

Why Small Cap?

Small and mid-sized companies are more agile than their supersized brethren and often operate segments of the market where inefficiencies reside. Their relative dynamism compared to large- or mega-cap companies presents us with a range of outcomes to generate potential capital gains for our clients.

Pender’s Approach to Small Cap Investing

At Pender, we employ a private equity approach to public markets, using a deep due diligence, research-based process for identifying and investing in high quality small-to-mid cap companies, with the potential for significant capital appreciation.

Our Process in Practice: Funds

Pender Small Cap Opportunities Fund

An opportunistic, concentrated portfolio focused on undervalued small and microcap companies with strong underlying economics, predominantly in Canada.  

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Pender Small/Mid Cap Dividend Fund

This Fund aims to provide investors with a combination of long-term capital appreciation and a stable quarterly stream of cash distributions.

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Pender Small Cap Opportunities Fund – Small Cap Investing for the Long-Term

In August 2023, PenderFund hosted a webinar in which Portfolio Manager, David Barr, discussed the current positioning of the Pender Small Cap Opportunities Fund including where he is finding quality businesses at attractive valuations. 

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Watch Pender’s CEO and Portfolio Manager, David Barr, present ‘Finding Emerging Compounders’ to the Ivey Business School, at the Ben Graham Centre for Value Investing.