Bottom of the Iceberg
May 8, 2023

Bottom of the Iceberg

Welcome to our series on investing in stressed and distressed debt in which Parul Garg and Geoff Castle cover the complexities of stressed and distressed credit investing, the risks and rewards, the current opportunity and their history and experience in this area.


  • Capital priority for credit investors—a key advantage over equity investors. 
  • What it really takes to be a great distressed credit investor. 
  • Why distressed credit is an all-weather investing strategy. 
  • Ideal asset allocation to distressed credit in a balanced portfolio for enhanced long-term returns.

Key Takeaways

[01:01]Geoff discusses why credit investing is one of the best opportunities for investors today.
[03:00]Parul explains Pender’s unique edge and expertise in credit investing.
[05:00]Geoff discusses why this is an all-weather investment strategy regardless of economic conditions.
[08:05]Parul explains what it means to be nimble and how this is essential to the Fund’s success.
[10:18]Parul and Geoff discuss potential returns from this strategy.
[13:45]Geoff discusses a potential asset allocation to this strategy in a balance portfolio.