• How Process drove Performance in 2016

    The investment edge that tilts the odds in our favour

    Finding the anomalies that provide "the rewards for disciplined investors."

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  • David Barr interviewed on BNN

    Canadian tech buys under the radar

    “In Canada we have great technology and great company builders, but ... most investors focus on the resource industry”

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  • Pender Wins Lipper Fund Award 2016

    The Pender Small Cap Opportunities Fund received the 2016 Lipper Fund Award for Best Canadian Focused Small/Mid Cap Equity Fund...

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  • Investment Insights

    Why choose an Active Manager?

    How active management can take advantage of passive instruments.

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  • So the question is...Why invest with Pender?

    Find out why Pender’s value investing approach, our philosophy and being based in Vancouver can be advantageous in finding opportunities to outperform.

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Latest News & Knowledge

Panera Bread – When News of a Take-Out at a Premium is Bittersweet

As we reflect on the announcement that Panera Bread, a holding in several of Pender’s funds, is about to go private thanks to a takeover by European holding company JAB,…
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Pender Corporate Bond Fund – Manager’s Commentary – March 2017

The Pender Corporate Bond Fund returned 1.8% in March. This was a good result, especially given the general weakness in credit markets during the period. The Fund benefited from strength…
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Pender Corporate Bond Fund – Manager’s Commentary – February 2017

The Pender Corporate Bond Fund returned 0.8% in February. We view this  return as reasonable for the period, given the lower credit spread environment, combined with our own more cautious…
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Manager’s Quarterly Commentary – Felix Narhi – Q4 2016

“Headlines, in a way, are what mislead you, because bad news is a headline, and gradual improvement is not.”  – Bill Gates, Microsoft Co-Founder Last year served as another vivid…
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Manager’s Quarterly Commentary – David Barr – Q4 2016

That was an interesting quarter to say the least. Our small cap positions were strong beneficiaries of the post US election rally. We would like to take credit for positioning…
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