• "'Cream Puffs' Offer Tasty Yield for This Top Canada Bond Fund"

    Geoff Castle talks to Bloomberg about his process for assessing bond issues and where he finds an edge over his peers.

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  • Using A Private Equity Approach To Public Markets

    David Barr speaks to Seeking Alpha about “the key drivers behind his funds’ excellent performance..."

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  • Fund Manager’s Target: Tech Firms Ripe For Takeover

    President & PM, David Barr, talks to Shirley Won about value investing and portfolio companies that are "under-the-radar gems".

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  • David Barr Interviewed on BNN

    Canadian Tech Buys Under The Radar

    “In Canada we have great technology and great company builders, but ... most investors focus on the resource industry”

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  • Investment Insights

    Why choose an Active Manager?

    How active management can take advantage of passive instruments.

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Cash as a Strategic Asset Class

At Pender, we are often asked about our cash levels because it fluctuates over time depending on the individual Fund mandate and the opportunity set. One of the common misconceptions…
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Pender Corporate Bond Fund – Manager’s Commentary – November 2017

The Pender Corporate Bond Fund returned 0.1% in November, a result lower than the potential run-rate return we see in the portfolio but, within the context of a choppy market,…
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The Globe & Mail: Don’t get mired in value trap stocks

Shirley Won talks to Pender President & PM, David Barr, about avoiding value traps, taking advantage during tax sell-off season, and our investments in Freshii (FRII) and Maxim Power Corp…
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Wealth Professional: Why it’s time for a different approach to fixed income

Wealth Professional talks to Pender PM Geoff Castle about his unique approach to fixed income with dynamic rebalancing and more.  "The modern struggles associated with Canadian fixed income investments can be…
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A Better Way in Fixed Income

There is no longer an “easy button” in fixed income whereby investors can earn relatively high real returns from invested instruments guaranteed by the government. While most investors still construct…
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