• Fund manager’s target: tech firms ripe for takeover

    President & PM, David Barr, talks to Shirley Won about value investing and portfolio companies that are "under-the-radar gems".


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  • David Barr interviewed on BNN

    Canadian tech buys under the radar

    “In Canada we have great technology and great company builders, but ... most investors focus on the resource industry”

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  • Pender Wins Lipper Fund Award 2016

    The Pender Small Cap Opportunities Fund received the 2016 Lipper Fund Award for Best Canadian Focused Small/Mid Cap Equity Fund...

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  • Investment Insights

    Why choose an Active Manager?

    How active management can take advantage of passive instruments.

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  • So the question is...Why invest with Pender?

    Find out why Pender’s value investing approach, our philosophy and being based in Vancouver can be advantageous in finding opportunities to outperform.

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  • How Process drove Performance in 2016

    The investment edge that tilts the odds in our favour

    Finding the anomalies that provide "the rewards for disciplined investors."

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Manager’s Quarterly Commentary – Felix Narhi – Q2 2017

“The markets are moved by animal spirits, and not by reason.” – John Maynard Keynes The year started in the midst of one of the greatest bull markets in history.…
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Bloomberg: ‘Cream Puffs’ Offer Tasty Yield for This Top Canada Bond Fund

"Geoff Castle’s formula for beating his peers in the bond market starts with 'cream puffs': his term for unrated corporate bonds whose yields are often too sweet for other investors...The…
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BNN, Business Day: Avoid investing in Canadian housing, mortgage market right now

Geoff Castle joined Business Day host Amber Kanwar to discuss his views on investing in Canadian real estate. He also shares his thoughts on opportunities outside of Canadian real estate.…
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Seeking Alpha: PRO Weekly Digest: Using A Private Equity Style Approach To Public Markets With David Barr

Seeking Alpha talks to Pender President & PM, David Barr.  They discuss "the key drivers behind his funds' excellent performance, why a cap was placed on the fund and finding…
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Pender Book Review: The Manual of Ideas: The Proven Framework for Finding the Best Value Investments

I read The Manual of Ideas a few years ago, but gave myself a refresher over the summer. I am currently at Latticework, an event put on by The Manual…
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